Naked No More


“And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them.” Gen. 3: 21


A beautiful garden. An abundance of everything. And Eve wandered too close to the fence of “greener pastures.”

“God said…” And she blinked.

“No, He didn’t…” the serpent lied. He never blinks.

And God whispered, “Choose now whom you will believe.”

And Eve chose greener pastures. And Adam chose Eve. Neither chose God.

Then their eyes were opened. Innocence was gone.

and they saw that they were naked.


When does innocence become knowing? At what point do we begin to giggle at the sight of a naked butt and know we need to cover ours? …

When eyes were first opened to nakedness, Man and Woman hid and wove themselves clothes: the infamous fig leaves.

God knows hiding never works and fig leaves never fully cover … and so he killed. He killed an animal. An animal they had named and probably petted and most likely had loved.

God killed Innocence for them.

Did they watch? Did they have to hold him down? They probably heard the bleating pleas of disbelief, how could they not?

They experienced their first death and they tasted the saltiness of their first tears…

The God of all creation was forced to take Life for the children he loved. He went against his very nature and killed so He could cover, clothe and protect. How could the God of Light, in whom there is no darkness, justify that? He draws a line in the sand, that’s how. He says, “My words are true and my promise is true. And because I cannot lie: you chose whom you would believe and now you will surely die. But. I. will. make. a. way. back I will make a way back for you, to this garden, to this innocence, to this choice of Life and Death. I will become this lamb you forced me to kill. I will ransom you from Death’s grip with my Life and my promise: I will bring you back.”


Lord, I don’t even know what to say, or how to comprehend all that happened that day. How great the promise that rung out from your heart at the moment you dealt the blow to cover our nakedness. You made a way and it cost You everything to bring us back. Now I am clothed in righteousness – a lamb killed on my behalf.

I will never again be naked and ashamed.

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