Night of Watching


 You shall tell your son on that day, ‘It is because of what the Lord did for me when I came out of Egypt.’ And it shall be to you as a sign on your hand and as a memorial between your eyes, that the law of the Lord may be in your mouth. For with a strong hand the Lord has brought you out of Egypt.  (Exodus 2 – 13)


It was a night of watching by the Lord, to bring them out of the land of Egypt; so this same night is a night of watching kept to the Lord by all the people of Israel throughout their generations.


The Israelites had been slaves for 430 years. Slavery is all they had known.

“When we are free…” the must have dreamed and muttered under their breaths…

“When God saves us…” becoming a pulsing beat to get them through the day.

“Just wait until God…”  and the small flicker of Hope flickered weak, but flickered true nonetheless.

430 years.

Then a man. A discarded child. A rescued, pampered youth. A self-appointed saving murderer with dreams that had been dashed and turned to fear. A broken, forgotten self-imposed refugee. A man slow of speech and tongue was chosen by God.


God uses the foolish things to confound the wise… so that no man may boast. Moses had most likely given up hope, like the Israelites. Given up the dream he thought he had heard as a child. Grew up into a life of hiding out from a past he wanted to forget… maybe even from a God he thought he once had known.

… but God knew HIM. God didn’t want to use anyone else. God wasn’t just concerned the Israelites, he was concerned about Moses.

“I am slow of speech and tongue. … use someone else, Lord.”

Make no mistake about it, Jane. It is the Lord waatching by night. It is the strong hand of God leading, guiding, rescuing, savings. Whether it is 430 years or 4, God listens and He rescues.

It is GOD at work – God ALMIGHTY, maker of heaven and Earth, the Alpha and Omega – both to will and to do His good pleasure.

It is GOD at work. It’s never about who we are (or who we aren’t) It’s about who HE is, and who He will always be.

And He LOVES us.  And He loves those he sends our way. Enough said.


You are God alone, and you love me. Let that Truth fill me full in every slow and stammering and quivering part of me.

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