Test Prep Time


Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves,for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”

More “Consecrate Yourselves” Scriptures


 The Lord told the Israelites to consecrate themselves. It was up to them. That means it was a do-able command.

Consecrate: Sanctify, bless, make holy, make sacred; dedicate to God, devote, reserve, set apart; anoint, ordain


Geesh, I’m not sure how to consecrate myself. I mean, seriously, what does that really look like. Really.

Does it mean I scrunch up my face, pop a few blood vessels, brush up on my Christianese?

Does it mean waiting, listening, watering and watching over these seeds of His word?

Does it mean realizing who He is and who I’m not, but who I am in Him?

Does it mean training my heart to hear and see the hand of God throughout the day and follow in love?

Does it mean simply saying okay, and letting go? Putting myself on the altar, like Solomon who knew there wasn’t anything else worth offering, and surrendering all my tomorrows to His wisdom, mercy and all consuming fiery love?

I choose “E”:  all of the above. (Okay, hopefully not the scrunching up my face part.)


Jesus, you have told me to consecrate myself. Show me, really, how that’s done. Looking for a little test prep here. I know it means picking up my cross and follow You through and beyond yours. I know it means understanding that I can do nothing without you, and everything with you. Bottom line, Lord, I just want to be ready and waiting for more of your amazing things.

Today’s Words to Water



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