Stand Up! What are you doing?


The Lord said to Joshua, “Stand up! What are you doing down on your face? (Josh 1:10)


The Lord, here, sounds a lot like Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser, trying to get the contestants back on track. Using a slap or a cold toss of water to wake them up – to get them off their rears – so they can get their flabby-gabby, woe-is-me thinking, back into some potential making action.

And, seriously, what a better personal spiritual crossfit trainer than God?


When I am thrown to my face in despair, like Joshua, my default mode is often: self-loathing, self-pity, and inaction… or on a more ‘up’ day: sarcasm, self-debasement and apathetic indifference. Neither is very pretty.

And, honestly, I think up to this point God has been sweetly tolerant while I’ve wrestled with past demons.

But enough’s enough, ya know? … ’cause after awhile old demons can become ol’ pals. And quite frankly I know it’s time. I’ve been on my face too long.

I’m looking for that inner spirit 6-pack.

So I’m starting to hear THE trainer’s voice: Stop. Enough. Get up. Get going!… Do what you have to do!

…and all the while cheering me on: You can do this, but I won’t coddle you. You can do this, so get going. Stand up!

What are you doing on your face?


Jesus, quite honestly, I’m feeling a little whiny right now – that spirit is willing but the flesh is a mashed potato. Honestly, all I want to do is go back to bed. I’m just so tired of the constant barrage of ‘have tos’ and ‘you shoulds’ and ‘yes, buts…’

Half the time I feel like I am craving affirmations from man that speak of worth and progress, and the other half I could give a rip. But all the time I’m caught in between this flesh and this spirit.

Jesus, I’ve seen some of your intense disciplined kind of coaching. I’ve been through some firsthand. I don’t want to be that whistling tea kettle, whining in desperation… I want to know that Love guides me, and follows me, and surrounds every step of my coming and going, REGARDLESS of my discomfort along the way. My spirit is flabby and I know my boldness and persevering abs could use some definite tune-ups….

So, I’m asking you, Lord, to be mercifully merciless … in that personal trainer kinda way, would you?

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2 comments on “Stand Up! What are you doing?

  1. pat whitson says:

    So inspirational, sis… Thanks for the cold water in the face wake-up, stand up call to action. xo Pat

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