The Lord our God said to us at Horeb, “You have stayed long enough at this mountain.”



The mountain of God.

Seems like there were always mountains in the story of God’s people.

God called Abraham to a mountain. Asked Him for His heart there, to lay it on the altar… and when He did, God showed him His.

God called Moses to His mountain. Met him there. Marked the ground as holy in His burning presence. Gave him His Word there. Let him look to the promised land.

Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself.



I don’t know why this Scripture stopped me today. I guess because it seems like the very word mountain represents very opposing ideas: that of giants in life or that of a place to find God.

I suppose they are both…

Pulling:  Come to the mountain of God. Get a vantage point. See all that God has promised for you.

Pushing:  Now go. You have stayed long enough. It’s time for dreams to be walked out. Time for mountains to be laid low – obstacles obliterated.

Seems like lately I’m either coming or going, and sometimes I don’t even know which…climbing the mountain or whipping out my mustard seed and trying to toss the mountain to the sea.

What’s your giant now, Jane? What mountain needs some leveling – a slingshot reminder of who’s really in control. What mountain of God will give you the vantage point you need – to see his promises lain spread out before you – with the whisper of his small still voice in the wind.

So, yep. I don’t know why this Scripture stopped me today.

And I guess that says it all. It stopped me. Sometimes Always in the whirlwind I need to stop. Look around. Reassess. Come away to the mountain of God …

Listen to the wind.

There’s time enough later for casting to the sea.


Jesus. Right now, just your name is my prayer.

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