A Catch and Release kind of God


“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” (Mark 1:16)


Jesus didn’t need any help. But he chose to use weathered working men. He took what they were used to doing and used it for His glory.


I’ve never been a good fisherman. I guess that means I haven’t caught a lot. There are so many variables with fishing:

–       wrong place

–       wrong time

–       wrong bait

–       wrong season

–       smelly hands

–       spooked fish

–       un-hungry fish

–       old, smart fish

You name it , there’s a reason. And if you get discouraged too many times, either you stop fishing, or you get more determined and “sneakier” – trying to out-smart the fish.

When Jesus walked the earth, demons would often shout out, “What have you to do with us? We know you are the Holy One of God!” I’ve always wondered about Jesus shutting them up. I mean, seriously, they were telling the truth … so why not capitalize on free publicity?! He was the Holy One of God after all and they were announcing it… what was wrong with that?

Then I started thinking about fishing. The goal is to have the fish want the bait. If you announce your presence, you spook them. If you shout: TAKE the BAIT! They won’t. If they are distracted, the allure is gone, and suspicion arises.

I don’t think God is trying to trick us. But I do think that he wants real ‘catches.’ He hopes in His heart of healing hearts, that all would return, look deeper, be hooked

…  and then be released.

He’s a catch and release kind of God.

Captured by his loved. Released in His freedom.

And He’s looking for the big catches, the true catches, the catch that has required time and life invested…

because it isn’t just about the fish, it’s about the fisherman too:

—           early mornings

—           frozen fingers

—           different bait

—           new holes

—           bird’s nested line

—           snapped line, snags, stolen bait

—           TIME!



Father, help me become of fisher of men. Help me be captivated by you to love enough to invest all of who I am to lead your children home to you.

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