The Dirty House Blues


“‘In addition to what you vow and your freewill offerings, offer these to the LORD at your appointed festivals: your burnt offerings, grain offerings, drink offerings and fellowship offerings.’”


There were so many rules and regulations for the Israelites. So many days and offerings to remember. How hard it would have been – no wondered so many became white washed towers of doom.

I would have felt overwhelmed, incapable, burdened. My heart would have grumbled for sure under the ‘harsh’ expectations. I would have become ‘to do’ minded, rather than a ‘to you’ hearted.

Makes me ashamed of my grumblings today, with the grace and freedom we have in you. And you ask so little now…it’s for freedom that we are saved, and not by anything man can do, lest anyone boast. we are saved by grace…

with simple instructions: be thankful, confess your sins, cast your cares, look to Jesus, do unto others


My heart is deceitfully wicked, but you’ve chosen to take up house and live there, among the dregs….

You come through the door, and I rush to clean up, hide the trash, stash the laundry, sterilize the evidence of an untidy life. You come through the door and I feel all the should’ves, would’ves, …and oh I wish I could’ves.

… but, Jesus, you only see me: your chosen one, washed clean, made new.

And You wait for all the rushing around in my heart to stop.

You’re not waiting for the maid…

You always just wait for me

… and a big hug.

Why would I ever care about anything else?


Jesus, ugh, you know me. You know all the countless times I’m unthankful, caddy, apathetic, selfish, impatient, anxious, doubtful… Oh Lord, I could go on and on. But all I want to say is I’m sorry.


I know this life, here on earth, is a process, not a destination. I know I find my home in you. And I know you are never far away… within my hugging grasp, at the worship of my tongue.

Create in my a clean heart, Oh Lord. Renew a right spirit within me.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 6.49.25 AM


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