Enough Said


Accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters.


There is a war going on – a war for lives – those lives that are watching from the sidelines.  And they are either being drawn to Jesus and His bride – or being repelled.

In this passage, Paul is talking to believers. He’s talking to those “more established” in the faith. He’s warning about quibbling over “disputable matters” and saying, “Hey, yes, there are matters that can be disputed, but it is not your job to quarrel over them… it is your job to love.”

These quarrels might be easy to ‘win.’ They might dress themselves in shiny suits of importance but in truth they are a diversionary tactic – used by the enemy – that play only to our egos…and ultimately right into the enemy’s hand.

They distract.

They alienate.

They divide.

Bottom line: they. don’t. matter.

People matter.


I’ve got one of those analytical brains. I like a good argument. I like thinking and wrestling with words and making a case for whatever argument might come my way. I’m fascinated by the power of the perfect word, placed in the perfect place, that can pack a punch and prove a point. And yet, quite honestly, though I might have learned over the years to be more quiet in ‘trifling’ matters, the Lord looks at my heart and sees that it’s still there: that need to be ‘right.’

Problem is: the enemy has always liked a good argument too. He’s used twisted words and he’s planted doubt from the very start: “Did God actually say…” And later, trying to take JESUS down! Satan sneaks in, ‘If you are God… then

Fortunately, Jesus is our Sansei here: he knows the heart of God. He spends every waking minute listening to the Father. He knows when to speak up, and when to shut up while the enemy blabs away. He knows when to answer questions and when to ask them. He knows when to face the crowd with words and when to slip quietly away in silence. Yet, to the bruised reed, the seedling, the sprout, the lost and wandering seeker, He never uses his words to quarrel over a disputable matter. This Sweet Nazarene rebel simply loves. He listens. He defends. He advises. He asks questions to stir thought. He comes along side and spends time walking the hot and dry desert roads.

Then at the critical point, that point where surely it was appropriate to dispute some thing. That point when Jesus could have made an argument (and a winning one at that)… He didn’t. When He could have proven a point and called down the angels from heaven… He didn’t. When He could have saved himself – He saved us instead.

…Enough said. His actions said more than enough. War won.

And those disputable matters?

Not worth a Calvary hill of being.


Lord, silence my heart, before words even form. Let my life and actions  – and the sweet, powerful, game-changing name of Jesus – be enough said.

Watering: Ps 2, 102, 122; Proverbs 2; Romans 14



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