Life Detector


The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. Some have departed from these and have turned to meaningless talk. (1Tim 1:5-6)


Paul is talking to Timothy. Words to instruct, guide and build up. Words from a father’s heart to his son:


It all boils down to love.

It always does. It always will.

Everything else is meaningless yammering.


Recently, my nephew had to go through a polygraph to become a fireman. In a small, stark room, they hooked him to sensors all over his body. And with electricity and scrutinizing comparisons, they measured squirminess and sweatiness and the minutest deviations.

For two hours he sat, as they grilled him with all shades and variations of five truth-probing questions. For two hours he sat facing a blank, white wall and the wires that relayed their answers. For two hours he sat searching for the truth in his own heart as each question came like a fine-toothed comb searching for the tiniest nits of disguised deception.

The process was grueling and the questions relentless as all things “true” pulsed through the frightened nerves of a young man trying to realize a lifelong dream.

It was scary.

It was unnerving.

and in the end it was maddening… not because he had anything to hide, but because: how do you tell the whole truth and nothing but, when you know that apart from Jesus, there is no Truth? How can a machine measure forgiveness and mercy… how can it measure grace and love? How can the choices and actions of life, put into words and laid out in peaks and valleys of ink – rely on a flawed system and a flawed ‘someone else’ to read the real truth between the sensors?

But that’s really the essence of this life, isn’t it? All our choices, our actions – all of our lives hooked up to inner motivator sensors  and played out  each day for the whole world to see. Everyday a fallen world system, with fallen people, try desperately, sometimes ruthlessly, to read the Truth behind each sensor.

And in the end, isn’t it really  pure and sincere Love that is desperately being sought… and ultimately being judged?


“We have the right to remain silently loving. Anything we say can and will be used for or against us in the highest court of God’s law of love. We have the right to an attorney, and since He knows we can’t afford one, He bought one for us – the Spirit of Truth. Signed, sealed and delivered with His Life poured out for us on the Cross.

Jesus – our Life, and Love, detector.


Jesus, man looks on the outside, but you look on the heart. Create in me a clean heart, a good conscience, a sincere faith that drives me to love and serve anyone who crosses my path.

Watering today: Ps 24, 124, Prov 23; 2 Kings 11; 2 Chronicles 24-25; 1 Timothy 1- 6




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