Song: One Hundred, plus three

Watering; Watching; Wondering; Waiting:


Psalm 103

Listen up, oh soul of mine… and give props to the Lord

Seriously, from the innermost, heart-squishiest part of your being

give Him the standing ovation that His name deserves.

Listen up, and hear me good, oh soul of mine

Praise Him!

… and don’t even think about forgetting all He’s done and all he gives:

He forgives every sin – from the most in-your-face one, to the tiniest, sneakiest unknown

He heals every unhealthy monster that comes after your body, mind and spirit.

He takes your life out from the sewer

and puts a crown of love

and compassion on you instead.

He satisfies every longing – all your desires – all those Pinterest dreams with good things

Good things

giving you your youth again

like an eagle’s…

The Lord works the magic of His righteousness

and the wonder of His justice

for all who have been put down, kept in hardship, brought low.

He made his ways known

He made his deeds seen – Moses and the children of Israel can tell you.

He is full of mercy and abounding in grace.

He’s glacier-moving slow to anger.

He’s over-the-top flowing in love.

He will not always accuse

nor store up his righteous anger.

He could treat us as our sin deserves – but He doesn’t.

He could repay us according to the deliberateness of our walking away from Him – but He doesn’t.

Because through it all, as high as space extends far above our little earth

THAT’s how great is His love for those that really “get” how great

and amazing

and all knowing

and all powerful

and thoroughly worthy of our respect He is.

He takes everything that could separate us from himself and removes it as far as east is from the west. (You know, like the sun’s rising could ever turn around to meet its setting – that kinda far.)

He’s a daddy pure and simple – a daddy who cares

and understands what makes us tick ’cause he made us tick

(In other words, he’s patient and merciful with us, ’cause he gets us.)

He knows our life is short

flourishing quickly, beautifully, only to die just as quick and be forgotten

but he doesn’t forget.

His love sticks around in that everlasting way of His – extending to the furthest generation – of those who love Him with reverent



who love Him back – holding to His promise

who love Him back – obeying His love-given directions.

The Lord is God.

He’s the One.

He’s The King.

In heaven.

On Earth.

All you angels and heavenly things… Praise Him!

All you servants and created, earthly things… Praise Him!

Oh you soul of mine… don’t just sit there

Praise Him!




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