Unfailing Love


God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.  This is how love is made complete among us: In this world we are like Jesus.

1 John 4:16


“Whoever lives in love…”

Living ”in love”… Living for that call, waiting for that touch. Living for the next time you see their face. Living with a fat ol’ goofy grin, skipping through life like a energy driven hovercraft, scheming ways to surprise and delight … just because the ‘in-loveness’ keeps bubbling out.

Whoever lives “In love…”

Content to stay wrapped in a late night hug forever… in love.

Satisfied to become old and gray, hand in hand, walking out Life’s sunset… in love.

Finishing each other’s thoughts, blending to each other’s ways, knowing you’ve got each others’ backs… in love.

Whoever lives in love maneuvers through all the betters and the worsts, all the sniffles and diets, all the riches and pennies… and every wooden nickel in-between.

Whoever lives in love

lives in God,

and God in them. 

In love with Jesus – as He authors and finishes of our faith

In love with Him  – as we dress ourselves each morning in the royal robes He exchanged for our tattered, stained rags

In love with Jesus  – our hope, and the One who loved us first.



It’s been a tough week. And yet, this morning, I hear His quiet reminder, and I remember who I love:

Remember Sweetie: you love, because I first loved you. Remember the love that first reached your war torn heart, whispered in that darkened hospital room and wiped away the tears. Remember the love that shattered the black, hovering cloud and tickled you out of your darkest funk. Remember the forgiveness that first washed you in a flood of grace  as I lifted your face to see mine. Remember the moment when you first felt brand-spankin’, baby-fresh new. New in me. New in love. New forever. Remember.

Don’t forget your shame, or the blood stained nail I used to etch your name on my palm… Don’t forget that it was in  darkness I first called you. In darkness you first knew I loved you. In darkness you saw the hope of Light. Don’t forget… so you always remember.

I rolled the stone away, I didn’t obliterate it, though I could have. It stands just a few feet off of the path. Big. Unmoving. A memorial to the power of my love.

I still move rocks.

I still call Death out.

I still bring life and love and hope to those long dark nights.

I am in love with you, Sweet One. Loving you first. Loving you always, so you can love the one who is lost.

Fall in love with me again, head over heals, every morning, every moment, over and over again

Let me wash you new in my love – brand-spankin’, baby fresh new.

Let me love you past the obstacles, through the storms, beyond the whinies.

Let’s you and me show the world what our love is made of 

… and we will conquer this world with our Love – one kindness, one prayer, one ray of hope at a time.


Yes, Lord. My heart says yes. Let my life and my actions always say yes too. Make love complete in me. Make me like you.

Watering Today: Prov. 25; ps 25, 125, 85; Jeremiah 31-32; 1 John 4





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