Overwhelm Me



Since you trust in your deeds and riches,
you too will be taken captive


As soon as we begin to rely on what we do…

As soon as we hope in what wealth we think we have…

As soon as we wander to the right or to the left… God steps in to take us captive.

To capture us again with His love

To overwhelm us in the Truth of what matters most:

God is our source. And His grace is our sufficiency.

…Trusting in anything less is deception.


It is way too easy to trust with my eyes- to gauge my present standing by my lack of worries.

It is also way too easy to start trusting that what I DO for God, is worth more than the hill of beans it is.

Because, seriously, hello? Anything I give to God is already due His name.

The fat bank account, the ‘good person’ resume, the strong boot straps to grab – all are the infamous dust in the wind blinding my eyes and caking my lungs.

Since you trust in your deeds and riches,
you too will be taken captive

Trusting in anything and anyone – except for Jesus causes Him to move on my behalf  – to capture me again.

And I am convinced that being hog-tied by the love of God

however that may look as it plays out in my life

is by far the preferable captivity than being left to my own devices.


Jesus, YOU are my source — not what flows from Your hand. Help me keep my trust in You, in oh-so-NOT-simply You. Not in my deeds or the riches you’ve blessed me with. Not my hopes or even the dreams you’ve put in my heart.  Capture me, Jesus. I want to  be overwhelmed by you. Over and over, moment by moment. Always.



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