Morning Waltz




To answer before listening—
    that is folly and shame. (Proverbs 18:13)


Conversation is a waltz

Talk, listen, wait, respond

Talk, listen, wait, respond

not the two-step shuffle of

I talk, they listen,

I talk, they listen

…I talk, I talk, I talk.

Without listening, there is no conversation.

 Without listening, there is no dancing.



How many “conversations” have I had with God that have only been one-sided, or worse:

made up in my head.

But God’s response is always the same: Jesus.

Jesus, the Word.

Jesus His Word.

… and God will never contradict His Word because

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Yesterday, today, and forever – pouring out His spirit.

Yesterday, today, and forever – writing his word on our heart.

Yesterday, today, and forever – whispering, “Peace.”

Challenging us, “Come!”

Nudging us, “You can do this. Pick up your mat…”

Leading us like the perfect dance partner He is … giving us pointers, forgiving our toe-stomping ways,  directing each step:

“This is the way you should go.”

“I am the Way.”

“Follow me.”


Oh, for real conversation with the God of the universe.

Me pouring out my heart

Him listening, responding, pouring out His heart to me.

Me listening, responding, pouring my love back to Him.

Him listening…

Him responding…

Him pouring out His heart to me.

Dancing through the heavens with the Morning Star.


Jesus, in the ways of conversation I am so often a tongue-tied, toe-stomping fool –with too many bouts of diarrhea of the mouth. Help me hold my tongue more. Help me listen to you above all else. Let my words be filled with love first, wrapped in your Truth, your mercy and your grace.

Watering Today: Prov. 18; Ps 18, 118; Jeremiah 26, 35-36; John 20




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