Fightin’ Words



Now this I know:
The Lord gives victory to his anointed.
He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary
with the victorious power of his right hand. (Ps 20:6)


“Now this I know…” them’s fightin’ words.

Powerful words.

Anchors of Truth.

Seeds of Life.



So, what is it that I know?

Know for sure.

I mean really know

– in that up-close and personal way.

What beautiful knowledge changes me, guides me and leads me beyond any tickle of doubt?


* * *

I know

that God is for me, and not against me.

I know

that he hears me when I call.

I know

that he called me from the womb and has ordered every day of my life, every step and every good deed that I should walk in them.

I know

that His ways are not my ways; I cannot out guess him, out smart him, or even begin to out wait him. And yet he waits for me and nudges my heart to surrender into the peace of “nevertheless.” Nevertheless, Father, not my will, but your will be done.

I know

he forgives me every time… every Fall-On-My-Knees-I-Need-a-Do-Over time.

I know

that he knows me. He made me, for goodness sake. He’s my dad. I will never be good enough, kind enough, holy enough, wise enough, selfless enough, loving enough – not even thankful enough – to earn anything He’s given me. And yet I know he’s not asking me to. He’s not asking me to be anything more than just me, his little girl on her daddy’s knee.

I know

he simply (and oh so not) loves me. The One who fashioned me to. be. me. from the womb cares for me with an everlasting love.

I know

I am His, and His alone.

Forever and always.

By wisdom a house is built,
    and through understanding it is established;
through knowledge its rooms are filled
    with rare and beautiful treasures. (Prov. 24:3-4)


Lord,  my house is not filled full enough with your rare and beautiful treasures. Teach my heart and spirit to know you more and more and more.

Watering Today: Prov. 25; ps 20, 85; Jeremiah 31-32; 1 John 4




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