through the eyes of a grasshopper



 We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.


God brought the Children of Israel out of Egypt – to the brink of His promised land. Just a skip, hop and a jump away.

Their job was to go check it out, bring back a sampling of its fruit, and report their findings.

…And they did.

But the fruit that filled their baskets, didn’t compare to the fear and grumbling that filled their heart.

They saw giants, and fortified cites. LOTS of them. They saw doom and gloom draped in fear.

… And they saw themselves as grasshoppers:

 Puny. Helpless. Ready to be squashed.


If you’ve been around this “God stuff” for a while… you know that this story is about seeing things through God’s eyes and, like Joshua and Caleb, coming back with a “good report” when obstacles seem too great.

It’s about Joshua and Caleb teaching us to see past  the “piddling” logistics of enemies and fortresses – and see instead, God’s Promises … ready and waiting to be taken, unwrapped and enjoyed.


Yet as I read this today, it dawns on me for the first time, that not only did Joshua and Caleb see beyond the thugs into the overflowing milk and honey of God’s gift,

but they must have also seen themselves as God saw them.

 They must have been listening to the good report about themselves as well.


… No grasshopper perspective from these guys!



 Lord, it is time to tune out all other input about me except yours. That includes: my own, the media’s, ANY comparison, and ALL of Satan-snide potshots even if they ring of Truth (because we all know he is master bender-deceiver in that arena.)

Today Lord, I want to know and feel like your child, your prized princess, the object of love so great it laid on the altar of the cross to buy entry to your arms.

Let me see your promises and provisions laid before me – beyond the giants. But also, more importantly I think, let me see your promises in me… your prized daughter.

And today, Lord, I will bring back a good report – filled with the stories of my Knight in Shining armor slaying dragons at my feet. I’ll see fruit collected and fortresses torn down. And in my tiny, beloved grasshopper heart, I will erect into a kingdom worthy of the Hero you are.

Watering Today

Prov 25; ps 25, 125; Leviticus 15-17; Acts 18



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