in the course of time



“In the course of time, David inquired of the LORD.”


We are on a course. A course delineated by Time.

All our actions are set in that timeline

and in every moment

of. every. day

… our stories are written.


If I put my life on a timeline, how often would I be able to write that on this date, for this reason, Jane inquired of the Lord. I mean actually held my breath. Waited on the edge of my seat. Strained with every fiber of my being, and listened – waited –  for a word from the Living God?

… Not nearly enough.


Jesus, I want that to change. Need to change. Even today. What would you have me say or do today that would bless your heart? I’m expecting, I’m looking, I’m waiting … I’m listening for an answer. This day I will inquire of you. I want to bring my heart to you.

More Word to water




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