Lasting Fruit



You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.  This is my command: Love each other.


We are chosen.


We are given the task – with authority and ability – to GO and produce fruit. Fruit that will not ferment, or squish, or get black spores, or become a wrinkled version of itself. (Unless on purpose of course… ’cause, after all, raisins are cool and so are old people!)

But there’s more!

We are appointed SO THAT whatever we ask for in his name, will be given.

A signed blank check given to those

who are listening for the heart of God.


I am chosen! I got the job! And this is way beyond minimum wage.

God, the creator of the universe, appointed me to bear fruit. Fruit that will last. … But the deal is: I don’t make the fruit, I just bear it. I connect it to the heart of God aand hold it to Him, the source that supplies all the nutrients to keep it alive.

And that’s not the end of my job description. No, He also chose me SO THAT whatever I ask in his name the Father will give.  Because if I am connected to Jesus, in word and deed, then I know what he wants.

Jesus only did what he saw the father doing.

If I am connected to the Source, I will only ask to do what I see Jesus doing already.

It’s not rocket science.

My father chose me to stay connected to him so I would know his heart and bear his fruit, and He appointed me,  so that

I will love like he loves

I will ask and bear more fruit

I will know and connect more deeply with his heart,  so that

I will love more, ask more and bear more fruit

and this born fruit will connect to His love, ask and bear more of his fruit…

and the cycle of True Life will continue the way it wis intended.

Our father God’s end game is fruit. Indestructible, lasting, living fruit. And, bottom line: He wants to bear fruit in me and in those whose lives I touch.

Our Father, who fills up the universe with his love,

is looking for extensions of his heart.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.



Waiting. Listening. Pressing in to hear the beat of your heart, Lord. Create living, lasting fruit through me.

Watering Today



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