Hugging the Stillness





A false witness will perish,
but a careful listener will testify successfully.



We can see (witness), but what we see might be false.

If we listen with an agenda, we are not listening at all – whether to God or others, or even ourselves.

So we must listen… Full. Of. Care.


Not just Care as in caution, but Care, as in:

fully invested … body, mind and heart

We must listen with a heart that is willing to wait.

and listen first 

if we are to”testify successfully” (if at all)



Listening is not just silence.

I can be silent and have a million thoughts clamoring in my brain, making it difficult, if not impossible, to hear past my nose.

Listening takes work.

It takes effort and determination. It takes selflessness and patience.

Listening embraces the commanding stillness of waiting before a holy God

whose blood-stained cross commands us to love

and whose father heart passionately whispers,

Be still

and know that I am God.



 Guard my mouth, Lord. Make me quick to hear, and slow to speak.





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