Let’s Do This Thing



It was not by their sword that they won the land,
nor did their arm bring them victory;
it was your right hand, your arm,
and the light of your face, for you loved them.


Let’s be clear: my victory comes from God – not karma, not ‘the luck of the draw’, not a shot in the dark or feng shui , or essential oils.

It is by his right hand, his arm, his light

wrapped in the heart of his love.



I have a knife in my upper right back between the shoulder blades – a rebel rib that likes to displace itself periodically (chronically). Yesterday, however, it “popped” back into its rightful place, and oh the relief.

So I babied its fragile obedience to spine and used my left arm all day. I plastered my right arm to my chest like in a sling and fumbled through the day virtually ‘hand-icapped’ (that was a fun pun!}

But here’s the deal: in the midst of this physical plight, I’m preparing to teach a new grade level – the first such move in 10 years. I feel like a brand new teacher, in an upper grade that needs me more than ever… and I feel handicapped in a big way (unsure, overwhelmed, inadequate)

Yet this morning in that sweet quiet voice of His, as I struggled in my left-handedness I heard:

I’ll be your right hand, Jane. I’m good at it. I know what I’m doing. You can count on my righthandedness. This will feel a little wacky and a little mind-blowing and a little off-balance in that tilted room kinda way…

but I got you.

Trust me, Punkin’… Let’s do this thing. It’ll be fun.


Okay, Lord. I’m in. .. But promise me you’ll remind me along the way that I like rollercoasters.


Watering Today

Prov 4; ps 4, 104, 44, 64; Ezekiel 22-24; Revelation 9; Phil 1-4;



2 comments on “Let’s Do This Thing

  1. geniecan says:

    Great Sis…and blessings to you in a brand new year! What grade? This is news to me….You are so gifted,honest and full of kid charm You’ll be great! Isecond God’s motion!…love you bunches, Jeane

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