Here on this rickety, rocking boat



In the Lord I take refuge…


David found security, shelter and confidence in the Lord His God. He found his unwavering foundation and Truth that guided every moment of Life.

That didn’t mean he didn’t get scared. It didn’t mean he didn’t voice his concern, or his questions. It didn’t mean he shied away from working out conflict with Truth vs.”Oh, let’s just smile and not rock the boat.”

What it meant was:

David knew who he could trust with his heart

and with his emotions

and with every part of his life.

David had learned to exchange the “truth” of what his physical eyes were telling him with The Truth of what God was saying.

He found Truth and safety in who he had spent a lifetime learning God to be: Creator, Savior, Shepherd Compassionate Patient One, Everlasting Father, Defender, his Rock, a shelter in the storm…


David spent his whole self falling in love

with the Maker of heaven and earth and lowly shepherd boys.



If God is my refuge, what can this life’s circumstances do to me?

What can floods, hurricanes, crazy drivers and even crazier students have anything to do with the inside part of me that matters for Life beyond this earthsuit?

If the God of Eternity is my hiding place, then real Life goes on and on and on beyond the wrinkles and joint pain. It goes soaring past the heartache of loss and the fears that try to grip my mind and take me out. It goes past my own limited and dying flesh.

If I have truly learned to take shelter in this God who bought my way past the darkness of this world – who is even now using his carpenter skills to build me the mansion of my dreams,

If I know the God whom I’ve believed – the One who knows me and loves me anyway

… then my confidence is rock solid

and I can rest in this old rickety, rocking boat

snuggled close to the beat of his heart.


Jesus, the beat of your heart is a lulling rhythm for my soul – no more seasickness for me! The lapping of the waves, the peace of your presence… calming me through storms that comes my way. Let me always remember whose arms to snuggle into for the only peace that will ever matter, that will ever last.

Watering Today

Prov 30; ps 30, 130, 60; Revelation 15-18



One comment on “Here on this rickety, rocking boat

  1. geniecan says:

    Lovely always Reading aloud as we drive thru San Joaquin Valley headed for a nite in Coalinga and on to Caitlin’s wedding (-; can’t wait to see you!

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