It’s time for joy!






The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders;
where morning dawns, where evening fades,
you call forth songs of joy.




Goodwill to all men.

This whole earth was always meant to be filled with wonder.

Love spoke

and it was.

From the moment the sun peaks his head above the horizon

to its setting,

Wrapping His world in a shield of Light and a blanket of stars, His voice calls out:

“Let there be joy.”



I walked the neighborhood this evening, and passed a driveway lined with bright and colorful wind catchers: daisies – like a child would draw – spinning in the breeze. Simple, a little gaudy, but I couldn’t help but smile. They made me happy. They “called forth” and twirled their way into simple joy.


The sunrise does that – if we’re listening.

Brand new possibilities wrapped in Hope. A chance to start again: forgiving, loving, making better not bitter, seeing hope beyond the passing night. A small still voice wrapped in the twirling of this crazy, sometimes gaudy, world calls out each morning:


Lazurus come forth…

It’s time for joy!



Jesus, your faithfulness, your goodness, kindness, mercy, grace – your love – is so much higher than I could ever reach, and so much closer than I could ever deny. Today, I will awaken the dawn with thankfulness for everything you are.


Watering Today

Psalm 65:8


3 comments on “It’s time for joy!

  1. geniecan says:

    Lovely to read, see, and hear as I look out on our earthy yard waiting for sweet seed and the night bloomong cactus, still blooms in the shadows of clouds

  2. Jane, I love your 4 W format for your blog. What a beautiful way to document what God is teaching you!

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