I’ve known Jesus many years… long enough to know that it’s not the years of knowing that count, but the everydays of doing.

I didn’t always read His Word on my own. I’m not sure why. I worshiped. I prayed. I went faithfully to church. But for some reason I just stopped short at reading for myself.

I’d try, then get distracted. I’d try some more, and fizzle out quickly. I’d try again and again in that dreaded New Year’s resolution that haunts your every turn. Inevitably I’d end another year beating myself up yet again for all the dropped efforts.

Thankfully, the Lord brought me to the end of myself, and I finally. stopped. trying… and just started wanting. I was thirsty, tired, dirty and worn, and I just wanted Him. I wanted Him sitting across the table in the early morning, sharing coffee and secrets and simply talking with me — teaching me how to live my everydays.

These morning coffee dates with Jesus and His Word has changed something deep in me. Something real.

Washing in His word
Watching closely
Wondering freely
Waiting patiently
for the one Word that will
cause me to pick up my mat,
wash clean
and live free.

…I am forever grateful for his spit
that mixes deep into my everyday mud

and makes me see again.

And that’s my hope for you.

So, that’s why I’m here: I just want to share my Jesus dates with you. I’m hoping you’ll pull up an armchair and your favorite morning brew and be our special guest. I hope you listen in… and maybe start joining in. And then I hope you get tired of me, and ask Him to your house, just you and Him, alone at your table sharing coffee and secrets and helping you live your everydays.

Here’s one morning’s thoughts – a good place to start this journey: I am born of spit, mud, and miracles.



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