About this devotion

This is the simple format I use to read and write through the Bible each year:

(I like simple.)

Watering, Watching, Wondering, Waiting.

1.   Watering:  Read Scripture, (a plan that takes you through the whole Bible once, New Testament and Psalms twice) and choose a section of Scripture that stops you flat, or maybe just tickles the curious. http://www.bibleplan.org/mc/esv/

2.   Watching: While you read (or while going back through a second time), write something you simply observed, noticed, or maybe saw for the first time. Write questions or thoughts about it too. (It can be small. It can be big…. This step is like being a news reporter. It becomes a lesson in digging past the surface of the familiar.)

3.   Wondering: Write a bit on how this Scripture and what you observed could apply to your own life.

4.   Waiting: Write a simple prayer.

At first this might seem a little too formulaic, dry and maybe even a touch useless. (It did for me at first.) But the magic happens when I stopped caring how I FELT, and became determined to test the waters of my spirit that cried out, “I want more.”

And He started giving me just that.

I know He will for you too.


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